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2005-04-19[IPSEC]: COW skb header in UDP decapHerbert Xu-0/+2
2005-04-19[ATALK]: Add missing dev_hold() to atrtr_create().Herbert Xu-0/+1
2005-04-19[SOCK]: on failure free the sock from the right placeArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-1/+4
2005-04-19[NET]: skbuff: remove old NET_CALLER macroStephen Hemminger-10/+5
2005-04-19[RTNETLINK]: Add comma to final entry in link_rtnetlink_tableDavid S. Miller-1/+1
2005-04-19[RTNETLINK]: Protocol family wildcard dumping for routing rulesThomas Graf-1/+2
2005-04-19[IPV6]: Replace bogus instances of inet->recverrHerbert Xu-5/+3
2005-04-19[IPV6]: IPV6_CHECKSUM socket option can corrupt kernel memoryHerbert Xu-13/+128
2005-04-19[IPV6]: Fix a branch predictionYOSHIFUJI Hideaki-1/+1
2005-04-18[PATCH] kobject/hotplug split - net
2005-04-16[PATCH] x86_64: Make IRDA devices are not really ISA devices not depend on CO...Andi Kleen-3/+1
2005-04-16[PATCH] irda_device() oops fixJean Tourrilhes-2/+9
2005-04-16[PATCH] Fix dst_destroy() raceHerbert Xu-2/+4
2005-04-16[PATCH] net: don't call kmem_cache_create with a spinlock heldArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-5/+4
2005-04-16Linux-2.6.12-rc2v2.6.12-rc2Linus Torvalds-0/+356308