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2005-09-08[PATCH] Fix 32bit sendmsg() flawAl Viro-19/+28
2005-09-07Merge branch 'upstream' of Torvalds-420/+364
2005-09-07Merge Linus Torvalds-90/+316
2005-09-07[PATCH] sunrpc: print unsigned integers in statsMax Kellermann-8/+8
2005-09-07[PATCH] sunrpc: cache_register can use wrong module referenceBruce Allan-8/+16
2005-09-07[wireless ieee80211,ipw2200] Lindent source codeJeff Garzik-394/+327
2005-09-07[wireless] build fixes after merging WE-19Jeff Garzik-2/+3
2005-09-06[SUNRPC]: print unsigned integers in statsMax Kellermann-8/+8
2005-09-06[NET]: proto_unregister: fix sleeping while atomicPatrick McHardy-3/+2
2005-09-06[PATCH] WE-19 for kernel 2.6.13Jean Tourrilhes-24/+34
2005-09-06[IPV4]: Reassembly trim not clearing CHECKSUM_HWStephen Hemminger-1/+1
2005-09-06[AX25]: Make ax2asc thread-proofRalf Baechle-23/+38
2005-09-06[NETLINK]: Don't prevent creating sockets when no kernel socket is registeredPatrick McHardy-18/+41
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: Missing unlock in TCP connection tracking error pathPatrick McHardy-0/+1
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: kill __ip_ct_expect_unlink_destroyPablo Neira Ayuso-18/+16
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: Don't increase master refcount on expectationsPablo Neira Ayuso-4/+4
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: Fix HW checksum handling in nfnetlink_queuePatrick McHardy-1/+7
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: Handle NAT module load racePatrick McHardy-2/+27
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: Fix CONNMARK Kconfig dependencyYasuyuki Kozakai-0/+1
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: Add NetBIOS name service helperPatrick McHardy-0/+151
2005-09-06[NETFILTER]: Add support for permanent expectationsPatrick McHardy-4/+13
2005-09-06[NET]: Make sure l_linger is unsigned to avoid negative timeoutsEric Dumazet-2/+2
2005-09-06[NET]: Use file->private_data to get socket pointer.Eric Dumazet-15/+13
2005-09-06Merge branch 'upstream' of Torvalds-1/+1
2005-09-05[IEEE80211]: Use correct size_t printf format string in ieee80211_rx.cDavid S. Miller-1/+1
2005-09-05[TCP]: Fix TCP_OFF() bug check introduced by previous change.Herbert Xu-2/+2
2005-09-05[NET]: 2.6.13 breaks libpcap (and tcpdump)Herbert Xu-3/+3
2005-09-05[NET]: Do not protect sysctl_optmem_max with CONFIG_SYSCTLDavid S. Miller-1/+1
2005-09-05[NETFILTER] remove bogus hand-coded htonll() from nenetlink_queueHarald Welte-13/+2
2005-09-05[IRDA]: IrDA prototype fixesAdrian Bunk-0/+2
2005-09-05[SCTP]: net/sctp/sysctl.c should #include <net/sctp/sctp.h>Adrian Bunk-0/+1
2005-09-05[NETFILTER]: net/netfilter/nfnetlink*: make functions staticAdrian Bunk-3/+3
2005-09-05[IPV4]: net/ipv4/ipconfig.c should #include <linux/nfs_fs.h>Adrian Bunk-0/+1
2005-09-05[ATM]: net/atm/ioctl.c should #include "common.h"Adrian Bunk-0/+1
2005-09-05[PATCH] (7/7) __user annotations (ethtool)
2005-09-05Merge Linus Torvalds-213/+134
2005-09-02[PATCH] remove driverfs references from include/linux/cpu.h and net/sunrpc/rp...Rolf Eike Beer-1/+1
2005-09-01[TCP]: Keep TSO enabled even during loss events.David S. Miller-47/+44
2005-09-01[TCP]: Fix sk_forward_alloc underflow in tcp_sendmsgHerbert Xu-5/+9
2005-09-01[NET]: Add sk_stream_wmem_scheduleHerbert Xu-2/+1
2005-09-01[IPV6]: Repair Incoming Interface Handling for Raw Socket.YOSHIFUJI Hideaki-3/+3
2005-09-01[CRYPTO]: crypto_free_tfm() callers no longer need to check for NULLJesper Juhl-84/+42
2005-09-01[NETFILTER]: CLUSTERIP: fix memcpy() length typoKOVACS Krisztian-1/+1
2005-09-01[DECNET]: Tidy send side socket SKB allocation.Patrick Caulfield-70/+33
2005-09-01[CRYPTO]: Use CRYPTO_TFM_REQ_MAY_SLEEP where appropriateHerbert Xu-1/+1
2005-09-01/spare/repo/netdev-2.6 branch 'master'Jeff Garzik-6397/+21640
2005-08-29[CCID3]: Call sk->sk_write_space(sk) when receiving a feedback packetArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-0/+20
2005-08-29[DCCP]: Introduce DCCP_SOCKOPT_PACKET_SIZEArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-10/+54
2005-08-29[NETFILTER6]: Add new ip6tables HOPLIMIT targetHarald Welte-0/+135
2005-08-29[NETFILTER]: Add new iptables TTL targetHarald Welte-0/+134