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2016-03-04ALSA: hda - hdmi defer to register acomp eld notifierLibin Yang-12/+12
2016-03-04ALSA: hda - hdmi add wmb barrier for audio componentLibin Yang-0/+5
2016-03-03ALSA: hda - Fix mic issues on Acer Aspire E1-472Simon South-0/+1
2016-03-01ALSA: seq: oss: Don't drain at closing a clientTakashi Iwai-19/+0
2016-03-01ALSA: usb-audio: Add a quirk for Plantronics DA45Dennis Kadioglu-0/+1
2016-02-29ALSA: hdsp: Fix wrong boolean ctl value accessesTakashi Iwai-2/+2
2016-02-29ALSA: hdspm: Fix zero-divisionTakashi Iwai-0/+8
2016-02-29ALSA: hdspm: Fix wrong boolean ctl value accessesTakashi Iwai-4/+4
2016-02-28ALSA: timer: Fix ioctls for X32 ABITakashi Iwai-0/+13
2016-02-28ALSA: timer: Fix broken compat timer user status ioctlTakashi Iwai-2/+3
2016-02-28ALSA: rawmidi: Fix ioctls X32 ABITakashi Iwai-0/+53
2016-02-28ALSA: rawmidi: Use comapt_put_timespec()Takashi Iwai-2/+1
2016-02-28ALSA: pcm: Fix ioctls for X32 ABITakashi Iwai-1/+176
2016-02-28ALSA: ctl: Fix ioctls for X32 ABITakashi Iwai-16/+74
2016-02-26ALSA: hda - Loop interrupt handling until really clearedTakashi Iwai-22/+32
2016-02-25ALSA: hda - Fix headset support and noise on HP EliteBook 755 G2Takashi Iwai-0/+8
2016-02-25ALSA: hda - Fixup speaker pass-through control for nid 0x14 on ALC225David Henningsson-2/+21
2016-02-25ALSA: hda - Fixing background noise on Dell Inspiron 3162Kai-Heng Feng-0/+8
2016-02-22ALSA: hda - Apply clock gate workaround to Skylake, tooTakashi Iwai-9/+7
2016-02-18ALSA: pcm: Fix rwsem deadlock for non-atomic PCM streamTakashi Iwai-2/+14
2016-02-16ALSA: seq: Fix double port list deletionTakashi Iwai-5/+8
2016-02-15ALSA: hda - Cancel probe work instead of flush at removeTakashi Iwai-2/+2
2016-02-15ALSA: seq: Fix leak of pool buffer at concurrent writesTakashi Iwai-4/+9
2016-02-13ALSA: usb-audio: avoid freeing umidi object twiceAndrey Konovalov-1/+0
2016-02-12Merge tag 'asoc-fix-v4.5-rc4' of git:// Iwai-144/+219
2016-02-10Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/fix/rt5659', 'asoc/fix/sigmadsp', 'asoc/...Mark Brown-39/+41
2016-02-10Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/fix/imx-spdif', 'asoc/fix/mtk', 'asoc/fi...Mark Brown-38/+22
2016-02-10Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/fix/amd', 'asoc/fix/arizona', 'asoc/fix/...Mark Brown-25/+69
2016-02-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/fix/rt5645' into asoc-linusMark Brown-1/+1
2016-02-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/fix/intel-kconfig' into asoc-linusMark Brown-8/+21
2016-02-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/fix/intel' into asoc-linusMark Brown-29/+61
2016-02-10Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/fix/dapm' into asoc-linusMark Brown-4/+4
2016-02-10ASoC: arizona: fref must be limited in pseudo-fractional modeRichard Fitzgerald-1/+42
2016-02-10ASoC: sigmadsp: Fix missleading return valuePascal Huerst-1/+4
2016-02-09Merge branch 'topic/core-fixes' into for-linusTakashi Iwai-38/+39
2016-02-09ALSA: timer: Fix race at concurrent readsTakashi Iwai-19/+15
2016-02-09ALSA: firewire-digi00x: Drop bogus const type qualifier on dot_scrt()Geert Uytterhoeven-1/+1
2016-02-09ALSA: hda - Fix bad dereference of jack objectTakashi Iwai-10/+13
2016-02-09ALSA: timer: Fix race between stop and interruptTakashi Iwai-0/+4
2016-02-08ALSA: timer: Fix wrong instance passed to slave callbacksTakashi Iwai-1/+1
2016-02-08ASoC: Intel: Add module tags for common match moduleVinod Koul-0/+3
2016-02-08ASoC: Intel: Load the atom DPCM driver onlyPierre-Louis Bossart-2/+6
2016-02-08ASoC: Intel: Create independent acpi match moduleVinod Koul-1/+12
2016-02-08ASoC: Intel: Revert "ASoC: Intel: fix ACPI probe regression with Atom DPCM dr...Vinod Koul-5/+0
2016-02-08ALSA: dummy: Implement timer backend switching more safelyTakashi Iwai-18/+19
2016-02-07ALSA: hda - Fix speaker output from VAIO AiO machinesTakashi Iwai-0/+1
2016-02-05Revert "ALSA: hda - Fix noise on Gigabyte Z170X mobo"Takashi Iwai-8/+0
2016-02-05ALSA: firewire-tascam: remove needless member for control and status messageTakashi Sakamoto-3/+0
2016-02-05ALSA: firewire-tascam: remove a flag for controllerTakashi Sakamoto-4/+0
2016-02-05ALSA: firewire-tascam: add support for FW-1804Takashi Sakamoto-1/+10