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2016-07-28Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-2/+0
2016-07-18ALSA: usb-audio: Fix quirks code is not calledKazuki Oikawa-1/+1
2016-07-12ALSA: hda: add AMD Stoney PCI ID with proper driver capsAwais Belal-0/+2
2016-07-11ALSA: hda - fix use-after-free after module unloadPeter Wu-1/+3
2016-07-08ALSA: pcm: Free chmap at PCM free callback, tooTakashi Iwai-4/+10
2016-07-08ALSA: ctl: Stop notification after disconnectionTakashi Iwai-0/+2
2016-07-08ALSA: hda/realtek - add new pin definition in alc225 pin quirk tableHui Wang-1/+14
2016-07-05ALSA: hda/realtek: Add Lenovo L460 to docking unit fixupTorsten Hilbrich-0/+1
2016-07-04ALSA: timer: Fix negative queue usage by racy accessesTakashi Iwai-1/+1
2016-07-02Merge tag 'asoc-fix-v4.7-rc5' of git:// Iwai-22/+100
2016-07-01Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/fix/rcar', 'asoc/fix/rt5670' and 'asoc/f...Mark Brown-2/+3
2016-07-01Merge remote-tracking branches 'asoc/fix/ak4613', 'asoc/fix/arizona', 'asoc/f...Mark Brown-17/+68
2016-07-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/fix/rt5645' into asoc-linusMark Brown-1/+1
2016-07-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/fix/intel' into asoc-linusMark Brown-2/+28
2016-07-01ASoC: rt5645: fix reg-2f default value.Bard Liao-1/+1
2016-06-29ASoC: fsl_ssi: Fix number of words per frame for I2S-slave modeAlexander Shiyan-6/+6
2016-06-29ALSA: au88x0: Fix calculation in vortex_wtdma_bufshift()Takashi Iwai-3/+2
2016-06-29ALSA: hda - Add PCI ID for Kabylake-HVinod Koul-1/+5
2016-06-27ALSA: echoaudio: Fix memory allocationChristophe JAILLET-2/+2
2016-06-26ASoC: Intel: atom: fix missing breaks that would cause the wrong operation to...Alan Cox-2/+7
2016-06-26ALSA: hda - fix read before array startBob Copeland-0/+2
2016-06-24ALSA: dummy: Fix a use-after-free at closingTakashi Iwai-0/+1
2016-06-24ALSA: hda / realtek - add two more Thinkpad IDs (5050,5053) for tpt460 fixupJaroslav Kysela-0/+2
2016-06-24ALSA: hda - Fix the headset mic jack detection on Dell machineWoodrow Shen-0/+4
2016-06-22ALSA: hda/tegra: iomem fixups for sparse warningsBen Dooks-10/+10
2016-06-21ASoC: max9877: Remove unused function declarationHelen Koike-2/+0
2016-06-17ALSA: hdac_regmap - fix the register access for runtime PMJaroslav Kysela-2/+2
2016-06-17ASoC: cx20442: set tty->receiver_room in v253_openJanusz Krzysztofik-0/+1
2016-06-17ASoC: ak4613: Enable cache usage to fix crashes on resumeGeert Uytterhoeven-0/+1
2016-06-17ASoC: wm8940: Enable cache usage to fix crashes on resumeGeert Uytterhoeven-0/+1
2016-06-14ASoC: Intel: Skylake: Initialize module list for BroxtonVinod Koul-0/+1
2016-06-13ASoC: wm5102: Correct supported channels on trace compressed DAICharles Keepax-1/+1
2016-06-13ASoC: wm5110: Add missing route from OUT3R to SYSCLKAjit Pandey-0/+1
2016-06-09ALSA: hda - Add PCI ID for KabylakeVinod Koul-1/+10
2016-06-07ALSA: hda/realtek: Add T560 docking unit fixupTorsten Hilbrich-0/+1
2016-06-07ASoC: rt5670: fix HP Playback Volume controlBard Liao-1/+1
2016-06-03ALSA: hda - Fix headset mic detection problem for Dell machineAceLan Kao-0/+4
2016-06-02ASoC: hdmi-codec: select CONFIG_HDMIArnd Bergmann-3/+4
2016-06-02ASoC: davinci-mcasp: Fix dra7 DMA offset when using CFG portPeter Ujfalusi-6/+54
2016-05-31ASoC: hdac_hdmi: Fix potential NULL dereferenceVinod Koul-0/+20
2016-05-30ASoC: ak4613: Remove owner assignment from platform_driverFabio Estevam-1/+0
2016-05-30ALSA: hda/realtek - Add support for new codecs ALC700/ALC701/ALC703Kailang Yang-0/+16
2016-05-30ALSA: hda/realtek - ALC256 speaker noise issueKailang Yang-5/+47
2016-05-28Merge tag 'sound-4.7-rc1-2' of git:// Torvalds-317/+2652
2016-05-27remove lots of IS_ERR_VALUE abusesArnd Bergmann-2/+2
2016-05-27ASoC: rsnd: open 31bit of SSICKR maskKuninori Morimoto-1/+1
2016-05-27Merge tag 'asoc-v4.7-2' of git:// Iwai-317/+2638
2016-05-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/topic/wm8962' into asoc-nextMark Brown-6/+9
2016-05-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/topic/rt5677' into asoc-nextMark Brown-19/+5
2016-05-27Merge remote-tracking branch 'asoc/topic/wm8960' into asoc-nextMark Brown-1/+2