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2020-04-17Merge tag 'sound-5.7-rc2' of git:// Torvalds-68/+99
2020-04-14ALSA: hda: call runtime_allow() for all hda controllersHui Wang-0/+1
2020-04-13ALSA: hda: Allow setting preallocation again for x86Takashi Iwai-3/+4
2020-04-13ALSA: hda: Explicitly permit using autosuspend if runtime PM is supportedRoy Spliet-1/+3
2020-04-13ALSA: hda: Skip controller resume if not neededTakashi Iwai-12/+28
2020-04-13ALSA: hda: Keep the controller initialization even if no codecs foundTakashi Iwai-5/+7
2020-04-13ALSA: hda: Release resources at error in delayed probeTakashi Iwai-13/+17
2020-04-13ALSA: hda: Honor PM disablement in PM freeze and thaw_noirq opsTakashi Iwai-0/+4
2020-04-13ALSA: hda: Don't release card at firmware loading errorTakashi Iwai-14/+5
2020-04-12ALSA: usb-audio: Check mapping at creating connector controls, tooTakashi Iwai-8/+14
2020-04-12ALSA: usb-audio: Don't create jack controls for PCM terminalsTakashi Iwai-3/+6
2020-04-12ALSA: usb-audio: Don't override ignore_ctl_error value from the mapTakashi Iwai-1/+1
2020-04-12ALSA: usb-audio: Filter error from connector kctl ops, tooTakashi Iwai-1/+1
2020-04-11ALSA: hda/realtek - Enable the headset mic on Asus FX505DTAdam Barber-0/+1
2020-04-10Merge tag 'sound-fix-5.7-rc1' of git:// Torvalds-39/+324
2020-04-09ALSA: ctxfi: Remove unnecessary cast in kfreeXu Wang-7/+7
2020-04-08Merge tag 'asoc-fix-v5.7' of Iwai-26/+91
2020-04-08ALSA: hda: Add driver blacklistTakashi Iwai-0/+16
2020-04-08ALSA: usb-audio: Add mixer workaround for TRX40 and coTakashi Iwai-0/+28
2020-04-08ALSA: hda/realtek - Add quirk for MSI GL63Takashi Iwai-0/+1
2020-04-07ALSA: ice1724: Fix invalid access for enumerated ctl itemsTakashi Iwai-2/+2
2020-04-07ALSA: hda: Fix potential access overflow in beep helperTakashi Iwai-1/+5
2020-04-07ASoC: cs4270: pull reset GPIO low then highMike Willard-5/+35
2020-04-07ALSA: hda/realtek - Add HP new mute led supported for ALC236Kailang Yang-0/+44
2020-04-07ALSA: hda/realtek - Add supported new mute Led for HPKailang Yang-0/+81
2020-04-06ASoC: rt5645: Add platform-data for Medion E1239THans de Goede-0/+8
2020-04-06ASoC: Intel: bytcr_rt5640: Add quirk for MPMAN MPWIN895CL tabletHans de Goede-0/+11
2020-04-06ASoC: stm32: sai: Add missing cleanupJulia Lawall-1/+3
2020-04-04ALSA: usb-audio: Add registration quirk for Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha SEmmanuel Pescosta-0/+1
2020-04-03Merge tag 'spdx-5.7-rc1' of git:// Torvalds-1/+1
2020-04-03ASoC: Intel: atom: Fix uninitialized variable compiler warningHans de Goede-1/+1
2020-04-03ASoC: Intel: atom: Check drv->lock is locked in sst_fill_and_send_cmd_unlockedHans de Goede-0/+2
2020-04-03ASoC: Intel: atom: Take the drv->lock mutex before calling sst_send_slot_map()Hans de Goede-0/+2
2020-04-03ASoC: SOF: Turn "firmware boot complete" message into a dbg messageHans de Goede-1/+1
2020-04-03ALSA: usb-audio: Add Pioneer DJ DJM-250MK2 quirkFrantišek Kučera-0/+42
2020-04-03ALSA: pcm: oss: Fix regression by buffer overflow fix (again)Takashi Iwai-10/+12
2020-04-02Merge tag 'sound-5.7-rc1' of git:// Torvalds-3925/+17505
2020-04-02ALSA: hda/realtek - Add quirk for Lenovo Carbon X1 8th genHans de Goede-0/+1
2020-04-01ASoC: topology: use name_prefix for new kcontrol이경택-1/+1
2020-04-01ASoC: rt5682: Fix build error without CONFIG_I2CYueHaibing-1/+4
2020-04-01ASoC: dpcm: allow start or stop during pause for backend이경택-2/+4
2020-03-31Merge git:// Torvalds-6/+1
2020-03-31ASoC: dapm: connect virtual mux with default value이경택-1/+7
2020-03-31ASoC: qcom: q6asm-dai: Add SNDRV_PCM_INFO_BATCH flagStephan Gerhold-2/+2
2020-03-31ALSA: usb-audio: Fix case when USB MIDI interface has more than one extra end...Andreas Steinmetz-5/+24
2020-03-31ALSA: hda/realtek - Remove now-unnecessary XPS 13 headphone noise fixupsThomas Hebb-34/+0
2020-03-31ALSA: hda/realtek - Set principled PC Beep configuration for ALC256Thomas Hebb-6/+9
2020-03-30Merge branch 'perf-core-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-8/+6
2020-03-30Merge series "ASoC: Intel: boards: Remove ignore_suspend flag from SSP0 dai l...Mark Brown-4/+0
2020-03-30ASoC: soc-dai: fix DAI startup/shutdown sequencePierre-Louis Bossart-4/+4