path: root/tools/perf/util/probe-event.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2016-05-10perf probe: Check the return value of strbuf APIsMasami Hiramatsu-57/+86
2016-05-05perf symbols: Fix kallsyms perf test on ppc64leNaveen N. Rao-2/+3
2016-04-28perf probe: Use strbuf for making stringsMasami Hiramatsu-161/+85
2016-04-26perf probe: Fix module probe issue if no dwarf supportRavi Bangoria-3/+73
2016-04-26perf probe: Fix offline module name missmatch issueRavi Bangoria-14/+5
2016-04-26perf probe: Set default kprobe group name if it is not givenMasami Hiramatsu-3/+7
2016-04-26perf probe: Close target file on error pathMasami Hiramatsu-2/+7
2016-03-23perf probe: No need to use formatting strbuf methodArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-1/+1
2015-11-18perf bpf: Allow BPF program config probing optionsWang Nan-2/+5
2015-11-06perf probe: Cleanup find_perf_probe_point_from_map to reduce redundancyMasami Hiramatsu-5/+2
2015-11-05perf tools: Fix find_perf_probe_point_from_map() which incorrectly returns su...Wang Nan-0/+3
2015-10-02perf probe: Allow probing on kmodules without dwarfMasami Hiramatsu-3/+5
2015-09-30perf probe: Fix a segfault bug in debuginfo_cacheMasami Hiramatsu-9/+12
2015-09-30perf probe: Show correct source lines of probes on kmodulesMasami Hiramatsu-12/+23
2015-09-30perf probe: Fix to remove dot suffix from second or latter eventsMasami Hiramatsu-13/+20
2015-09-30perf machine: Add method for common kernel_map(FUNCTION) operationArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-2/+2
2015-09-30perf machine: Use machine__kernel_map() thoroughlyArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-3/+4
2015-09-28Merge branch 'linus' into perf/core, to pick up fixes before applying new cha...Ingo Molnar-6/+7
2015-09-25perf probe: Use existing routine to look for a kernel module by dso->short_nameArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-6/+7
2015-09-15perf probe: Export init/exit_probe_symbol_maps()Namhyung Kim-16/+15
2015-09-15perf probe: Free perf_probe_event in cleanup_perf_probe_events()Namhyung Kim-0/+1
2015-09-14tools lib api fs: Replace debugfs/tracefs objects interface with fs.cJiri Olsa-3/+2
2015-09-04perf probe: Print deleted events in cmd_probe()Namhyung Kim-5/+0
2015-09-04perf probe: Move print logic into cmd_probe()Namhyung Kim-19/+3
2015-09-04perf probe: Link trace_probe_event into perf_probe_eventWang Nan-40/+17
2015-09-04perf probe: Split add_perf_probe_events()Namhyung Kim-4/+35
2015-08-26perf probe: Support probing at absolute addressWang Nan-6/+156
2015-08-26perf probe: Fix error reported when offset without functionWang Nan-3/+7
2015-08-26perf probe: Fix list result when address is zeroWang Nan-3/+25
2015-08-26perf probe: Fix list result when symbol can't be foundWang Nan-1/+1
2015-08-26perf probe: Prevent segfault when reading probe point with absolute addressWang Nan-4/+4
2015-08-21perf probe: Try to use symbol table if searching debug info failedWang Nan-3/+4
2015-07-20perf probe: Move ftrace probe-event operations to probe-file.cMasami Hiramatsu-292/+26
2015-07-20perf probe: Simplify __add_probe_trace_events codeMasami Hiramatsu-27/+43
2015-07-20perf strlist: Make dupstr be the default and part of an extensible config parmArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-2/+2
2015-06-23perf probe: Fix failure to probe events on armHe Kuang-1/+5
2015-06-17perf probe: Speed up perf probe --list by caching debuginfoMasami Hiramatsu-4/+44
2015-06-17perf probe: Show usage even if the last event is skippedMasami Hiramatsu-18/+17
2015-06-16perf probe: Fix to return error if no probe is addedMasami Hiramatsu-42/+71
2015-06-16perf probe: List probes in stdoutMasami Hiramatsu-14/+35
2015-06-12perf probe: Cut off the gcc optimization postfixes from function nameMasami Hiramatsu-0/+5
2015-06-08perf machine: Fix up some more method namesArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-1/+1
2015-05-30perf probe: Fix segfault when glob matching function without debuginfoWang Nan-5/+21
2015-05-29perf machine: No need to have two DSOs listsArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-2/+3
2015-05-29perf probe: Fix 'function unused' warningWang Nan-32/+33
2015-05-27perf tools: Reference count struct mapArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-3/+3
2015-05-27perf tools: Introduce struct mapsArnaldo Carvalho de Melo-1/+1
2015-05-27perf probe: Fix an error when deleting probes successfullyMasami Hiramatsu-4/+5
2015-05-27perf probe: Show the error reason comes from invalid DSOMasami Hiramatsu-23/+24
2015-05-27perf tools: Use maps__first()/map__next()Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo-3/+3