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2020-05-16Merge tag 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-0/+214
2020-05-15Merge git:// Torvalds-5/+13
2020-05-15Merge tag 'linux-kselftest-5.7-rc6' of git:// Torvalds-12/+22
2020-05-15Merge git:// S. Miller-4/+12
2020-05-15selftests: mptcp: pm: rm the right tmp fileMatthieu Baerts-1/+1
2020-05-14selftests/bpf: Enforce returning 0 for fentry/fexit programsYonghong Song-2/+2
2020-05-14libbpf: Fix register naming in PT_REGS s390 macrosSumanth Korikkar-2/+2
2020-05-14bpf: Fix bug in mmap() implementation for BPF array mapAndrii Nakryiko-0/+8
2020-05-12Merge tag 'trace-v5.7-rc4' of git:// Torvalds-0/+1
2020-05-11tools/bootconfig: Fix apply_xbc() to return zero on successSteven Rostedt (VMware)-0/+1
2020-05-10Merge tag 'x86-urgent-2020-05-10' of git:// Torvalds-4/+5
2020-05-10Merge tag 'objtool-urgent-2020-05-10' of git:// Torvalds-2/+13
2020-05-10Merge tag 'block-5.7-2020-05-09' of git:// Torvalds-1/+6
2020-05-08selftests/lkdtm: Use grep -E instead of egrepMichael Ellerman-4/+4
2020-05-08selftests/lkdtm: Don't clear dmesg when running testsMichael Ellerman-6/+8
2020-05-08selftests/ftrace: mark test as unresolved if the test modul...Po-Hsu Lin-1/+8
2020-05-08tools/testing: Replace zero-length array with flexible-arrayGustavo A. R. Silva-1/+1
2020-05-08Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds-1/+146
2020-05-08kselftests: dmabuf-heaps: Fix confused return value on expected error testingJohn Stultz-0/+1
2020-05-08KVM: VMX: pass correct DR6 for GD userspace exitPaolo Bonzini-1/+23
2020-05-07ubsan: disable UBSAN_ALIGNMENT under COMPILE_TESTKees Cook-1/+0
2020-05-07kselftests: introduce new epoll60 testcase for catching lost wakeupsRoman Penyaev-0/+146
2020-05-07Merge tag 'trace-v5.7-rc3' of git:// Torvalds-3/+6
2020-05-07Merge tag 'linux-kselftest-5.7-rc5' of git:// Torvalds-3/+58
2020-05-07tools/bootconfig: Fix resource leak in apply_xbc()Yunfeng Ye-3/+6
2020-05-07Merge tag 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds-2/+5
2020-05-07objtool: Fix infinite loop in find_jump_table()Josh Poimboeuf-2/+13
2020-05-07KVM: selftests: Add KVM_SET_GUEST_DEBUG testPeter Xu-0/+192
2020-05-06Merge git:// Torvalds-5/+57
2020-05-06wireguard: socket: remove errant restriction on looping to selfJason A. Donenfeld-3/+51
2020-05-06wireguard: selftests: use normal kernel stack size on ppc64Jason A. Donenfeld-0/+1
2020-05-06selftests: net: tcp_mmap: fix SO_RCVLOWAT settingEric Dumazet-1/+3
2020-05-06selftests: net: tcp_mmap: clear whole tcp_zerocopy_receive structEric Dumazet-1/+2
2020-05-06KVM: selftests: Fix build for evmcs.hPeter Xu-2/+5
2020-05-05iocost: protect iocg->abs_vdebt with iocg->waitq.lockTejun Heo-1/+6
2020-05-01selftests: fix kvm relocatable native/cross builds and installsShuah Khan-1/+28
2020-05-01selftests/ftrace: Make XFAIL green colorMasami Hiramatsu-1/+1
2020-05-01ftrace/selftest: make unresolved cases cause failure if --fail-unresolved setAlan Maguire-1/+7
2020-05-01ftrace/selftests: workaround cgroup RT scheduling issuesAlan Maguire-0/+22
2020-04-30Merge tag 'linux-kselftest-5.7-rc4' of git:// Torvalds-40/+315
2020-04-26objtool: Fix infinite loop in for_offset_range()Josh Poimboeuf-3/+4
2020-04-25Merge tag 'objtool-urgent-2020-04-25' of git:// Torvalds-2/+2
2020-04-25objtool: Fix stack offset tracking for indirect CFAsJosh Poimboeuf-1/+1
2020-04-24Merge git:// Torvalds-63/+157
2020-04-24Merge git:// S. Miller-61/+126
2020-04-24selftests/bpf: Fix a couple of broken test_btf casesStanislav Fomichev-40/+16
2020-04-24tools/runqslower: Ensure own vmlinux.h is picked up firstAndrii Nakryiko-1/+1
2020-04-24bpftool: Respect the -d option in struct_ops cmdMartin KaFai Lau-1/+7
2020-04-24selftests/bpf: Add test for freplace program with expected_attach_typeToke Høiland-Jørgensen-18/+58
2020-04-24bpf: Fix reStructuredText markupJakub Wilk-1/+1