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fix passing of 64-bit syscall arguments on microblaze
this has been wrong since the beginning of the microblaze port: the syscall ABI for microblaze does not align 64-bit arguments on even register boundaries. commit 788d5e24ca19c6291cebd8d1ad5b5ed6abf42665 exposed the problem by introducing references to a nonexistent __syscall7. the ABI is not documented well anywhere, but I was able to confirm against both strace source and glibc source that microblaze is not using the alignment. per the syscall(2) man page, posix_fadvise, ftruncate, pread, pwrite, readahead, sync_file_range, and truncate were all affected and either did not work at all, or only worked by chance, e.g. when the affected argument slots were all zero.
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