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authorRich Felker <>2019-06-25 18:50:05 -0400
committerRich Felker <>2019-06-25 19:05:40 -0400
commit54b7564b72c1edcc79fca083047521fb56eaea00 (patch)
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remove unnecessary and problematic _Noreturn from crt/ldso startup
after commit a48ccc159a5fa061a18419296100ee48a1cd6cc9 removed the use of _Noreturn on the stage3_func type (which only worked due to it being defined to the "GNU C" attribute in C99 mode), GCC could no longer assume that the ends of __dls2 and __dls2b are unreachable, and produced a warning that a function marked _Noreturn returns. also, since commit 4390383b32250a941ec616e8bff6f568a801b1c0, the _Noreturn declaration for __libc_start_main in crt1/rcrt1 has been not only inconsistent with the definition, but wrong. formally, __libc_start_main does return, via a (hopefully) tail call to a helper function after the barrier. incorrect usage of _Noreturn in the declaration was probably formal UB. the _Noreturn specifiers were not useful in any of these places, so remove them all. now, the only remaining usage of _Noreturn is in public interfaces where _Noreturn is part of their contract.
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diff --git a/crt/crt1.c b/crt/crt1.c
index 7b12665f..8fe8ab5d 100644
--- a/crt/crt1.c
+++ b/crt/crt1.c
@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
int main();
weak void _init();
weak void _fini();
-_Noreturn int __libc_start_main(int (*)(), int, char **,
+int __libc_start_main(int (*)(), int, char **,
void (*)(), void(*)(), void(*)());
void _start_c(long *p)