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replace heap sort with smoothsort implementation by Valentin Ochs
Smoothsort is an adaptive variant of heapsort. This version was written by Valentin Ochs (apo) specifically for inclusion in musl. I worked with him to get it working in O(1) memory usage even with giant array element widths, and to optimize it heavily for size and speed. It's still roughly 4 times as large as the old heap sort implementation, but roughly 20 times faster given an almost-sorted array of 1M elements (20 being the base-2 log of 1M), i.e. it really does reduce O(n log n) to O(n) in the mostly-sorted case. It's still somewhat slower than glibc's Introsort for random input, but now considerably faster than glibc when the input is already sorted, or mostly sorted.
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