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2016-07-03fix mips, mips64, mipsn32 TIOCM_* macros in ioctl.hSzabolcs Nagy-42/+42
TIOCM_ macros were wrongly using the asm-generic/termios.h definitions instead of the mips specific ones from asm/termios.h
2016-07-03remove mips and powerpc ioctls that are missing from linux uapiSzabolcs Nagy-31/+0
mips and powerpc use their own asm/ioctls.h, not the asm-generic/ioctls.h and they lack termiox macros that are available on other targets. see kernel commit 1d65b4a088de407e99714fdc27862449db04fb5c
2016-07-03add missing TIOC* macros to ioctl.hSzabolcs Nagy-3/+40
these are defined in linux asm/ioctls.h. (powerpc64 and powerpc bits/ioctl.h are now identical)
2016-07-03add missing SIOCSIFNAME from linux/sockios.h to ioctl.hSzabolcs Nagy-0/+7
glibc ioctl.h has it too.
2016-07-03remove ioctl macros that were removed from linux uapiSzabolcs Nagy-32/+0
TIOCTTYGSTRUCT, TIOCGHAYESESP, TIOCSHAYESESP and TIOCM_MODEM_BITS were removed from the linux uapi and not present in glibc ioctl.h
2016-07-03use the generic ioctl.h for x86_64, x32 and aarch64Szabolcs Nagy-607/+0
they were slightly different in musl, but should be the same: the linux uapi and glibc headers are not different.
2016-07-03add consistent reserved fields in mips64/n32 termios structuresRich Felker-0/+4
the (unused) speed fields were omitted when these ports were first added (within this release cycle, so not present in any release yet) in accordance with how glibc defines the structure on mips archs. however their omission does not match existing musl practice/intent. glibc provides its own, mostly-unified termios structure definition and performs translation in userspace to match the kernel structure for the arch, but has gratuitous differences on a few archs like mips, presumably as a result of historical mistakes. some other libcs use the kernel definitions directly. musl essentially does that, by matching the kernel layout in the part of the structure the kernel will read/write, but leaves additional space at the end for extensibility. these are nominally the (nonstandard) speed fields and (on most archs) extra c_cc elements, but since they are not used they could be repurposed if there's ever a need.
2016-07-01fix posix_fadvise syscall args on powerpc, unify with arm fixRich Felker-12/+12
commit 6d38c9cf80f47623e5e48190046673bbd0dc410b provided an arm-specific version of posix_fadvise to address the alternate argument order the kernel expects on arm, but neglected to address that powerpc (32-bit) has the same issue. instead of having arch variant files in duplicate, simply put the alternate version in the top-level file under the control of a macro defined in syscall_arch.h.
2016-06-30pthread: implement try/timed join variantsBobby Bingham-3/+19
2016-06-29fix misordered syscall arguments for posix_fadvise on armRich Felker-0/+12
the arm version of the syscall has a custom argument ordering to avoid needing a 7-argument syscall due to 64-bit argument alignment.
2016-06-29in posix_fadvise, don't bypass __syscall macro infrastructureRich Felker-1/+1
when commit 0b6eb2dfb2e84a8a51906e7634f3d5edc230b058 added the parentheses around __syscall to invoke the function directly, there was no __syscall7 in the syscall macro infrastructure, so this hack was needed. commit 9a3bbce447403d735282586786dc436ec1ffbad4 fixed that but failed to remove the hack.
2016-06-29refactor name_from_dns in hostname lookup backendNatanael Copa-14/+13
loop over an address family / resource record mapping to avoid repetitive code.
2016-06-29in performing dns lookups, check result from res_mkqueryNatanael Copa-0/+4
don't send a query that may be malformed.
2016-06-29add RUSAGE_THREAD (Linux extension) definition to sys/resource.hRich Felker-0/+1
2016-06-29fix incorrect definition of RUSAGE_CHILDREN in sys/resource.hRich Felker-1/+1
the kernel ABI value for RUSAGE_CHILDREN is -1, not 1. the latter is actually interpreted as RUSAGE_THREAD, to obtain values for just the calling thread and not the whole process.
2016-06-27fix misaligned address buffers in gethostbyname[2][_r] resultsRich Felker-7/+7
mistakenly ordering strings before addresses in the result buffer broke the alignment that the preceding code had set up.
2016-06-27fix failure to obtain EOWNERDEAD status for process-shared robust mutexesRich Felker-3/+3
Linux's documentation (robust-futex-ABI.txt) claims that, when a process dies with a futex on the robust list, bit 30 (0x40000000) is set to indicate the status. however, what actually happens is that bits 0-30 are replaced with the value 0x40000000, i.e. bits 0-29 (containing the old owner tid) are cleared at the same time bit 30 is set. our userspace-side code for robust mutexes was written based on that documentation, assuming that kernel would never produce a futex value of 0x40000000, since the low (owner) bits would always be non-zero. commit d338b506e39b1e2c68366b12be90704c635602ce introduced this assumption explicitly while fixing another bug in how non-recoverable status for robust mutexes was tracked. presumably the tests conducted at that time only checked non-process-shared robust mutexes, which are handled in pthread_exit (which implemented the documented kernel protocol, not the actual one) rather than by the kernel. change pthread_exit robust list processing to match the kernel behavior, clearing bits 0-29 while setting bit 30, and use the value 0x7fffffff instead of 0x40000000 to encode non-recoverable status. the choice of value here is arbitrary; any value with at least one of bits 0-29 set should work just as well,
2016-06-21remove comments on copyright status from UTF-8 implementation filesRich Felker-78/+0
despite clarifications made to the COPYRIGHT file in commit f0a61399330bae42beeb27d6ecd05570b3382a60, there continues to be confusion about whether the permissions granted actually apply to all files. I am the sole author of these files and clearly intend, and have always intended, for the grant of permission to apply to them.
2016-06-09avoid padding gaps in struct sockaddr_storageRich Felker-1/+1
compilers are free not to copy, or in some cases to clobber, padding bytes in a structure. while it's an aliasing violation, and thus undefined behavior, to copy or manipulate other sockaddr types using sockaddr_storage, it seems likely that traditional code attempts to do so, and the original intent of the sockaddr_storage structure was probably to allow such usage. in the interest of avoiding silent and potentially dangerous breakage, ensure that there are no actual padding bytes in sockaddr_storage by moving and adjusting the size of the __ss_padding member so that it fits exactly. this change also removes a silent assumption that the alignment of long is equal to its size.
2016-06-09update sys/socket.h to linux v4.6Szabolcs Nagy-1/+19
kernel connection multiplexor macros AF_KCM, PF_KCM, SOL_KCM were added in linux commit ab7ac4eb9832e32a09f4e8042705484d2fb0aad3 MSG_BATCH sendmsg flag for performance optimization was added in linux commit f092276d85b82504e8a07498f4e9e0c51f06745c SOL_* macros are now synced with linux socket.h which is not a uapi header and glibc did not have the macros either, but that has changed
2016-06-09add new tcp_info fields from linux v4.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+4
new fields and associated linux commit: tcpi_notsent_bytes, tcpi_min_rtt cd9b266095f422267bddbec88f9098b48ea548fc tcpi_data_segs_in, tcpi_data_segs_out a44d6eacdaf56f74fad699af7f4925a5f5ac0e7f
2016-06-09add CLONE_NEWCGROUP clone flag, new in linux v4.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
flag for new cgroup namespace, added in linux commit 5e2bec7c2248ae27c5b16cd97215ae05c1d39179
2016-06-09update siginfo struct for linux v4.6Szabolcs Nagy-6/+11
x86 protection key faults are reported in the si_pkey field, added in linux commit cd0ea35ff5511cde299a61c21a95889b4a71464e
2016-06-09add ETH_P_MACSEC netinet/if_ether.h, new in linux v4.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
ethertype for macsec added in linux commit dece8d2b78d19df7fe5e4e965f1f0d1a3e188d1b
2016-06-09add SO_CNX_ADVICE to sys/socket.h, new in linux v4.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new socket option so application can give advice about routing path quality of connected udp sockets, added in linux commit a87cb3e48ee86d29868d3f59cfb9ce1a8fa63314
2016-06-09add preadv2 and pwritev2 syscall numbers for linux v4.6Szabolcs Nagy-0/+22
the syscalls take an additional flag argument, they were added in commit f17d8b35452cab31a70d224964cd583fb2845449 and a RWF_HIPRI priority hint flag was added to linux/fs.h in 97be7ebe53915af504fb491fb99f064c7cf3cb09. the syscall is not allocated for microblaze and sh yet.
2016-05-23fix a64l undefined behavior on ILP32 archs, wrong results on LP64 archsRich Felker-3/+6
the difference of pointers is a signed type ptrdiff_t; if it is only 32-bit, left-shifting it by 30 bits produces undefined behavior. cast the difference to an appropriate unsigned type, uint32_t, before shifting to avoid this. the a64l function is specified to return a signed 32-bit result in type long. as noted in the bug report by Ed Schouten, converting implicitly from uint32_t only produces the desired result when long is a 32-bit type. since the computation has to be done in unsigned arithmetic to avoid overflow, simply cast the result to int32_t. further, POSIX leaves the behavior on invalid input unspecified but not undefined, so we should not take the difference between the potentially-null result of strchr and the base pointer without first checking the result. the simplest behavior is just returning the partial conversion already performed in this case, so do that.
2016-05-22fix undefined pointer arithmetic in CMSG_NXTHDR macroRich Felker-3/+3
previously, the only way the stopping condition could be met with correct lengths in the headers invoked undefined behavior, adding sizeof(struct cmsghdr) beyond the end of the cmsg buffer. instead, compute and compare sizes rather than pointers.
2016-05-22fix the use of uninitialized value in regcompSzabolcs Nagy-0/+2
the num_submatches field of some ast nodes was not initialized in tre_add_tag_{left,right}, but was accessed later. this was a benign bug since the uninitialized values were never used (these values are created during tre_add_tags and copied around during tre_expand_ast where they are also used in computations, but nothing in the final tnfa depends on them).
2016-05-12deduplicate __NR_* and SYS_* syscall number definitionsBobby Bingham-5284/+890
2016-05-12x32: eliminate __X32_SYSCALL_BIT constantBobby Bingham-317/+316
2016-05-12x32: remove arch-specific syscall remappingBobby Bingham-20/+0
These system calls are already all remapped in an arch-agnostic manner in src/internal/syscall.h
2016-05-08fix spurious trailing whitespace in powerpc & powerpc64 bits/errno.hRich Felker-2/+2
2016-05-08add powerpc64 portBobby Bingham-1/+2342
2016-05-04fix redundant processing of --build flag in configure scriptLeMay, Michael-1/+1
The --build flag is listed in two case statement entries in configure, which causes the second entry to be ignored. This patch removes it from the first entry. Signed-off-by: Michael LeMay <>
2016-05-04fix incorrect protocol name and number for egpAndrew Kelley-1/+1
previously if you called getprotobyname("egp") you would get NULL because \008 is invalid octal and so the protocol id was interpreted as 0 and name as "8egp".
2016-04-29follow standard configure behavior for cross compile prefixRich Felker-1/+13
the standard configure interface, which our configure script tries to implement, identifies cross compiling (build != host) and searches for the properly-prefixed cross tools. our script was not doing that, forcing users to explicitly provide either CC or a CROSS_COMPILE tool prefix, and the more common choice, just providing CC, was incomplete because the Makefile would still invoke the native ar and ranlib programs. this happened to work when building on ELF-based systems with GNU binutils, but could easily fail when cross-compiling from dissimilar systems. like before, and like the standard configure behavior, an explicit CC or CROSS_COMPILE variable on the command line or in the environment overrides the automatic prefixing.
2016-04-28update COPYRIGHT file to clarify that permissions apply for all filesRich Felker-14/+23
these changes are the outcome of a long mailing list thread that took place March 2016, "musl licensing". among minor other issues, prospective users were not confident that the whole-project MIT license would grant permission for files to which the COPYRIGHT file expressed a belief that copyright not apply, if it turned out that these files were actually subject to copyright. in accordance with the original intent of applying a permissive license to the project, which was that license issues not be an obstacle to use, the text which was causing confusion is removed. no new claims of copyright are made, but new text is added to clarify that the grant of permissions applies to all files, and an explicit grant of permission to use public headers and crt files without attribution has been made. this patch was reviewed and approved by all substantial contributors to the affected files: Bobby Bingham, John Spencer (rofl0r), Nicholas J. Kain, Rich Felker, Richard Pennington, Stefan Kristiansson, and Szabolcs Nagy.
2016-04-26fix FILE buffer underflow in ungetwcRich Felker-3/+3
commit 7e816a6487932cbb3cb71d94b609e50e81f4e5bf (version 1.1.11 release cycle) moved the code that performs wchar_t to multibyte conversion across code that used the resulting length in bytes, thereby breaking the unget buffer space check in ungetwc and clobbering up to three bytes below the start of the buffer. for allocated FILEs (all read-enabled FILEs except stdin), the underflow clobbers at most the FILE-specific locale pointer. no stores are performed through this pointer, but subsequent loads may result in a crash or mismatching encoding rule (UTF-8 multibyte vs byte-based). for stdin, the buffer lies in .bss and the underflow may clobber another object. in practice, for the adjacent object seems to be stderr's buffer, which is completely unused, but this could vary with linking options, or when static linking. applications which do not attempt to use more than one character of ungetwc pushback, or which do not use ungetwc, are not affected.
2016-04-25fix thread structure/dtv-pointer corruption on powerpcRich Felker-0/+5
per the powerpc psabi, offset 4 of the stack at call time belongs to the callee and is used for spilling lr (return address). in addition, offset 0 on the stack must contain a pointer to the previous stack frame, or a null pointer for the initial stack frame of a thread. __clone failed to setup any stack frame on the new thread's stack, thereby allowing the start function it called to clobber offset 4 of the new thread's struct __pthread, which contains the dtv pointer. add code to setup a proper stack frame and align the stack pointer to a multiple of 16 (also an abi requirement) if it was not already aligned.
2016-04-18remove dead store in res_msendPetr Vaněk-1/+0
The variable nss is set to zero in following line.
2016-04-18add mips n32 port (ILP32 ABI for mips64)Rich Felker-0/+2375
based on patch submitted by Jaydeep Patil, with minor changes.
2016-04-03add support for mips and mips64 r6 isaRich Felker-22/+60
mips32r6 and mips64r6 are actually new isas at both the asm source and opcode levels (pre-r6 code cannot run on r6) and thus need to be treated as a new subarch. the following changes are made, some of which yield code generation improvements for non-r6 targets too: - add subarch logic in configure script and reloc.h files for dynamic linker name. - suppress use of .set mips2 asm directives (used to allow mips2 atomic instructions on baseline mips1 builds; the kernel has to emulate them on mips1) except when actually needed. they cause wrong instruction encodings on r6, and pessimize inlining on at least some compilers. - only hard-code sync instruction encoding on mips1. - use "ZC" constraint instead of "m" constraint for llsc memory operands on r6, where the ll/sc instructions no longer accept full 16-bit offsets. - only hard-code rdhwr instruction encoding with .word on targets (pre-r2) where it may need trap-and-emulate by the kernel. otherwise, just use the instruction mnemonic, and allow an arbitrary destination register to be used.
2016-04-01fix read past end of haystack buffer for short needles in memmemRich Felker-0/+1
the two/three/four byte memmem specializations are not prepared to handle haystacks shorter than the needle; they unconditionally read at least up to the needle length and subtract from the haystack length. if the haystack is shorter, the remaining haystack length underflows and produces an unbounded search which will eventually either crash or find a spurious match. the top-level memmem function attempted to avoid this case already by checking for haystack shorter than needle, but it failed to re-check after using memchr to remove the maximal prefix not containing the first byte of the needle.
2016-03-29fix regression disabling use of pause instruction for x86 a_spinRich Felker-3/+3
commits e24984efd5c6ac5ea8e6cb6cd914fa8435d458bc and 16b55298dc4b6a54d287d7494e04542667ef8861 inadvertently disabled the a_spin implementations for i386, x86_64, and x32 by defining a macro named a_pause instead of a_spin. this should not have caused any functional regression, but it inhibited cpu relaxation while spinning for locks. bug reported by George Kulakowski.
2016-03-28fix undefined pointer comparison in stdio-internal __toreadRich Felker-1/+1
the comparison f->wpos > f->buf has undefined behavior when f->wpos is a null pointer, despite the intuition (and actual compiler behavior, for all known compilers) being that NULL > ptr is false for all valid pointers ptr. the purpose of the comparison is to determine if the write buffer is non-empty, and the idiom used elsewhere for that is comparison against f->wbase, which is either a null pointer when not writing, or equal to f->buf when writing. in the former case, both f->wpos and f->wbase are null; in the latter they are both non-null and point into the same array.
2016-03-24fix gethostbyaddr_r to fill struct hostent.h_length as appropriateTimo Teräs-0/+1
2016-03-19add MADV_FREE madvise command from linux v4.5Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
allows the os to free the marked pages lazily on memory pressure. expected to increase malloc performance. new in linux commit 854e9ed09dedf0c19ac8640e91bcc74bc3f9e5c9
2016-03-19add EPOLLEXCLUSIVE epoll flag from linux v4.5Szabolcs Nagy-0/+1
new flag for exclusive wakeup mode when an event source fd is attached to multiple epoll fds but they should not all receive the events. new in linux commit df0108c5da561c66c333bb46bfe3c1fc65905898
2016-03-19add SO_ATTACH_REUSEPORT_[CE]BPF socket options from linux v4.5Szabolcs Nagy-1/+2
new socket options for setting classic or extended BPF program for sockets in a SO_REUSEPORT group. added in linux commit 538950a1b7527a0a52ccd9337e3fcd304f027f13