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2016-03-19add copy_file_range syscall numbers from linux v4.5Szabolcs Nagy-0/+18
it was introduced for offloading copying between regular files in linux commit 29732938a6289a15e907da234d6692a2ead71855 (microblaze and sh does not yet have the syscall number.)
2016-03-19mips64: add recent linux syscall numbersSzabolcs Nagy-0/+6
add userfaultfd, membarrier and mlock2 system call numbers.
2016-03-18fix outdated pathnames in COPYRIGHT fileRich Felker-3/+3
2016-03-18deduplicate bits/mman.hSzabolcs Nagy-617/+84
currently five targets use the same mman.h constants and the rest share most constants too, so move them to sys/mman.h before the bits/mman.h include where the differences can be corrected by redefinition of the macros. this fixes two minor bugs: POSIX_MADV_DONTNEED was wrong on most targets (it should be the same as MADV_DONTNEED), and sh defined the x86-only MAP_32BIT mmap flag.
2016-03-16fix padding string formats to width in wide printf variantsRich Felker-4/+4
the idiom fprintf(f, "%.*s", n, "") was wrongly used in vfwprintf as a means of producing n spaces; instead it produces no output. the correct form is fprintf(f, "%*s", n, ""), using width instead of precision, since for %s the later is a maximum rather than a minimum.
2016-03-11correct pointer types for a_ll_p and a_sc_p primitives on mips64Rich Felker-4/+4
these changes should not affect generated code, but they reflect that the underlying objects operated on by a_cas_p are supposed to have type volatile void *, not volatile long. in theory a compiler could treat the effective type mismatch in the "m" memory operands as undefined behavior.
2016-03-11make mips64 a_sc_p atomic primitive's asm constraints work with clangRich Felker-1/+1
apparently clang does not accept matching-register input and output constraints that differ in size (32-bit vs 64-bit). based on patch by Jaydeep Patil.
2016-03-06make configure check for unsupported (SPE) powerpc hard-float modelsRich Felker-0/+2
the SPE ABI may be compatible with soft-float, but actually making it work requires some additional work, so for now it's best to make sure broken builds don't happen.
2016-03-06add powerpc soft-float supportFelix Fietkau-35/+65
Some PowerPC CPUs (e.g. Freescale MPC85xx) have a completely different instruction set for floating point operations (SPE). Executing regular PowerPC floating point instructions results in "Illegal instruction" errors. Make it possible to run these devices in soft-float mode.
2016-03-06env: avoid leaving dangling pointers in __env_mapAlexander Monakov-0/+1
This is the minimal fix for __putenv leaving a pointer to freed heap storage in __env_map array, which could later on lead to errors such as double-free.
2016-03-06update documentation files for mips64 portRich Felker-0/+11
2016-03-06add mips64 portRich Felker-1/+2546
patch by Mahesh Bodapati and Jaydeep Patil of Imagination Technologies.
2016-03-06generalize mips-specific reloc code not to hard-code sym/type encodingRich Felker-1/+3
this change is made in preparation for adding the mips64 port, which needs a 64-bit (and mips64-specific) form of the R_INFO macro, but it's a better abstraction anyway. based on part of the mips64 port patch by Mahesh Bodapati and Jaydeep Patil of Imagination Technologies.
2016-03-04math: fix expf(-NAN) and exp2f(-NAN) to return -NAN instead of 0Szabolcs Nagy-0/+4
expf(-NAN) was treated as expf(-large) which unconditionally returns +0, so special case +-NAN. reported by Petr Hosek.
2016-03-02add sched_getcpu vDSO supportNathan Zadoks-0/+33
This brings the call to an actually usable speed. Quick unscientific benchmark: 14ns : 102ns :: vDSO : syscall
2016-03-02add sched_getcpuNathan Zadoks-0/+14
This is a GNU extension, but a fairly minor one, for a system call that otherwise has no libc wrapper.
2016-03-02fix ^* at the start of a complete BRESzabolcs Nagy-0/+4
This is a workaround to treat * as literal * at the start of a BRE. Ideally ^ would be treated as an anchor at the start of any BRE subexpression and similarly $ would be an anchor at the end of any subexpression. This is not required by the standard and hard to do with the current code, but it's the existing practice. If it is changed, * should be treated as literal after such anchor as well.
2016-03-02fix * at the start of a BRE subexpressionSzabolcs Nagy-4/+0
commit 7eaa76fc2e7993582989d3838b1ac32dd8abac09 made * invalid at the start of a BRE subexpression, but it should be accepted as literal * there according to the standard. This patch does not fix subexpressions starting with ^*.
2016-03-02explicitly include stdio.h to get EOF definition needed by wctobMichael Meeuwisse-0/+1
2016-03-02handle non-matching address family entries in hosts fileRich Felker-3/+11
name_from_hosts failed to account for the possibility of an address family error from name_from_numeric, wrongly counting such a return as success and using the uninitialized address data as part of the results passed up to the caller. non-matching address family entries cannot simply be ignored or results would be inconsistent with respect to whether AF_UNSPEC or a specific address family is queried. instead, record that a non-matching entry was seen, and fail the lookup with EAI_NONAME of no matching-family entries are found.
2016-02-23make aarch64 atomic_arch.h report that it defines pointer-sized ll/scRich Felker-0/+2
at present this is done only for consistency, since this file defines its own a_cas_p rather than using the new generic one from atomic.h added in commit 225f6a6b5b7173b6655e4f5d49b5b9fea70bf3bb. these definitions may however be useful if we ever need to add other pointer-sized atomic operations.
2016-02-23allow implementing a_cas_p with pointer-sized ll/scBobby Bingham-0/+18
No current ports do this, but it will be useful for porting to 64-bit ll/sc architectures, such as mips64 and powerpc64.
2016-02-22release 1.1.14v1.1.14Rich Felker-1/+14
2016-02-19generate list of crt files to install instead of hard-coding in makefileRich Felker-1/+1
this follows the principle of having the source tree layout define build semantics. it also makes it possible for crt/$(ARCH) to define additional installable files, which may be needed for midipix and other future targets.
2016-02-19add arch tuple matching for nt32 and nt64 in configureRich Felker-0/+2
the nt32 and nt64 archs will be provided by the midipix project for building musl on top of its posix-like syscall layer for windows. at present the needed arch files are in a separate repository, but having the tuple matching in the upstream configure script should make it possible to overlay the arch files without needing any further patching.
2016-02-19work around regression building for armhf with clang (compiler bug)Rich Felker-2/+16
commit e4355bd6bec89688e8c739cd7b4c76e675643dca moved the math asm from external source files to inline asm, but unfortunately, all current releases of clang use the wrong inline asm constraint codes for float and double ("w" and "P" instead of "t" and "w", respectively). this patch adds detection for the bug in configure, and, for now, just disables the affected asm on broken clang versions.
2016-02-18improve macro logic for enabling arm math asmRich Felker-2/+2
in order to take advantage of the fpu in -mfloat-abi=softfp mode, the __VFP_FP__ (presence of vfp fpu) was checked instead of checking for __ARM_PCS_VFP (hardfloat EABI variant). however, the latter macro is the one that's actually specified by the ABI documents rather than being compiler-specific, and should also be checked in case __VFP_FP__ is not defined on some compilers or some configurations.
2016-02-18update authors/contributors listRich Felker-0/+9
these additions were made based on scanning commit authors since the last update, at the time of the 1.1.7 release, and adding everyone with either substantial code contributions or a pattern of ongoing simple patch submission.
2016-02-18fix regression in SH/FDPIC dynamic linkerRich Felker-1/+2
the dynamic linker was found to hang when used as the PT_INTERP, but not when invoked as a command. the mechanism of this failure was not determined, but the cause is clear: commit 5552ce52000855906a5cb4f08f2e456573cca51f removed the SHARED macro, but arch/sh/crt_arch.h is still using it to choose the right form of the crt/ldso entry point code. moving the forced definition from rcrt1.c to dlstart.c restores the old behavior. eventually the logic should be changed to fully remove the SHARED macro or at least rename it to something more reasonable.
2016-02-18partly revert detection of broken float in configureRich Felker-1/+1
commit 80fbaac4cd1930e9545a5d36bf46ae49011d2ce8 broke all soft-float archs, where gcc defines __GCC_IEC_559==0 because rounding modes and exception flags are not supported. for now, just check for __FAST_MATH__ as an indication of broken float. this won't detect all possible misconfigurations but it probably catches the most common one.
2016-02-17support clean/distclean make targets in unconfigured treeRich Felker-10/+16
commit 2f853dd6b9a95d5b13ee8f9df762125e0588df5d moved the error handling for $(ARCH) not being set such that it applied to all targets, including clean and distclean. previously these targets worked even in an unconfigured tree. to restore the old behavior, make most of the makefile body conditional on $(ARCH) being set/non-empty and produce the error via a fake "all" target in the conditional branch for the case where $(ARCH) is empty.
2016-02-17adjust makefile to make crt/ and ldso/ sources arch-replaceableRich Felker-15/+18
prior to commit 2f853dd6b9a95d5b13ee8f9df762125e0588df5d which overhauled the makefile for out-of-tree builds, crt/*.c files were replaceable by crt/$(ARCH)/*.s, and top-level ldso/ did not exist (its files were under src/ldso). since then, crti.o and crtn.o have been hard-coded as arch-specific, but none of the other files in crt/ or ldso/ were replaceable at all. in preparation for easy integration with midipix, which has a port of musl to windows, it needs to be possible to override the ELF-specific code in these files. making the same arch-replacements system work throughout the whole source tree also improves consistency and removes the need for some file-specific rules (crti.o and crtn.o) in the makefile.
2016-02-17make configure attempt to catch broken floating point CFLAGS/defaultsRich Felker-0/+10
2016-02-16in crypt-sha*, reject excessive rounds as error rather than clampingRich Felker-2/+2
the reference implementation clamps rounds to [1000,999999999]. we further limited rounds to at most 9999999 as a defense against extreme run times, but wrongly clamped instead of treating out-of-bounds values as an error, thereby producing implementation-specific hash results. fixing this should not break anything since values of rounds this high are not useful anyway.
2016-02-16fix unlikely corner cases in getopt's message printingRich Felker-2/+2
like fputs (see commit 10a17dfbad2c267d885817abc9c7589fc7ff630b), the message printing code for getopt assumed that fwrite only returns 0 on failure, but it can also happen on success if the total length to be written is zero. programs with zero-length argv[0] were affected. commit 500c6886c654fd45e4926990fee2c61d816be197 introduced this problem in getopt by fixing the fwrite behavior to conform to the requirements of ISO C. previously the wrong expectations of the getopt code were met by the fwrite implementation.
2016-02-16fix assumption in fputs that fwrite returning 0 implies an errorRich Felker-1/+2
internally, the idiom of passing nmemb=1 to fwrite and interpreting the return value of fwrite (which is necessarily 0 or 1) as failure/success is fairly widely used. this is not correct, however, when the size argument is unknown and may be zero, since C requires fwrite to return 0 in that special case. previously fwrite always returned nmemb on success, but this was changed for conformance with ISO C by commit 500c6886c654fd45e4926990fee2c61d816be197.
2016-02-15release 1.1.13v1.1.13Rich Felker-1/+61
2016-02-12do not define static_assert macro for pre-C11 compilersRich Felker-1/+1
some software simply uses static_assert if the macro is defined, and this breaks if the compiler does not recognize the _Static_assert keyword used to define it.
2016-02-12add declarations for utmpname/utmpxname to appropriate headersRich Felker-1/+2
commit 378f8cb5222b63e4f8532c757ce54e4074567e1f added these functions (as stubs) but left them without declarations. this broke some autoconf based software that detected linkability of the symbols but didn't check for a declaration.
2016-02-10fix return value for fread/fwrite when size argument is 0Rich Felker-0/+2
when the size argument was zero but nmemb was nonzero, these functions were returning nmemb, despite no data having been written. conceptually this is not wrong, but the standard requires a return value of zero in this case.
2016-02-10fix line-buffered flush omission for odd usage of putc-family functionsRich Felker-1/+2
as specified, the int argument providing the character to write is converted to type unsigned char. for the actual write to buffer, conversion happened implicitly via the assignment operator; however, the logic to check whether the argument was a newline used the original int value. thus usage such as putchar('\n'+0x100) failed to produce a flush.
2016-02-10fix failed write reporting by fwrite in line-buffered modeRich Felker-2/+2
when a write error occurred while flushing output due to a newline, fwrite falsely reported all bytes up to and including the newline as successfully written. in general, due to buffering such "spurious success" returns are acceptable for stdio; however for line-buffered mode it was subtly wrong. errors were still visible via ferror() or as a short-write return if there was more data past the newline that should have been written, but since the contract for line-buffered mode is that everything up through the newline be written out immediately, a discrepency was observable in the actual file contents.
2016-02-08remove workaround for broken mips assemblersRich Felker-9/+2
the workaround was for a bug that botched .gpword references to local labels, applying a nonsensical random offset of -0x4000 to them. this reverses commit 5e396fb996a80b035d0f6ecf7fed50f68aa3ebb7 and a removes a similar hack that was added to syscall_cp.s in the later commit 756c8af8589265e99e454fe3adcda1d0bc5e1963. it turns out one additional instance of the same idiom, the GETFUNCSYM macro in arch/mips/reloc.h, was still affected by the assembler bug and does not admit an easy workaround without making assumptions about how the macro is used. the previous workarounds made static linking work but left the early-stage dynamic linker broken and thus had limited usefulness. instead, affected users (using binutils versions older than 2.20) will need to fix the bug on the binutils side; the trivial patch is commit 453f5985b13e35161984bf1bf657bbab11515aa4 in the binutils-gdb repository.
2016-02-04in mips cancellable syscall asm, don't assume gp register is validRich Felker-2/+13
the old __cp_cancel code path loaded the address of __cancel from the GOT using the $gp register, which happened to be set to point to the correct GOT by the calling C function, but there is no ABI requirement that this happen. instead, go the roundabout way and compute the address of __cancel via pc-relative and gp-relative addressing starting with a fake return address generated by a bal instruction, which is the same trick crt1 uses to bootstrap.
2016-02-04avoid using signals when a thread attempts to cancel itselfRich Felker-0/+1
not only is pthread_kill expensive in this case; it also breaks testing under qemu app-level emulation.
2016-02-02make configure accept -h as an alias for --helpRich Felker-1/+1
2016-02-02update INSTALL file with new archs, compiler infoRich Felker-28/+20
add aarch64 and or1k archs, upgrade sh from experimental, and note that sh now supports the FDPIC ABI. the old advice on compiler versions was outdated and more specific than made sense. presence of compiler bugs varies a lot by arch, so it's hard to make any good recommendations beyond "recent". if we want to document specific known-good/bad compiler versions, a much larger section in the documentation than what's appropriate for the INSTALL file would be needed.
2016-01-31fix malloc_usable_size for NULL inputSzabolcs Nagy-1/+1
the linux man page specifies malloc_usable_size(0) to return 0 and this is the semantics other implementations follow (jemalloc). reported by Alexander Monakov.
2016-01-31regex: increase the stack tre uses for tnfa creationSzabolcs Nagy-1/+1
10k elements stack is increased to 1000k, otherwise tnfa creation fails for reasonable sized patterns: a single literal char can add 7 elements to this stack, so regcomp of an 1500 char long pattern (with only litral chars) fails with REG_ESPACE. (the new limit allows about < 150k chars, this arbitrary limit allows most command line regex usage.) ideally there would be no upper bound: regcomp dynamically reallocates this buffer, every reallocation checks for allocation failure and at the end this stack is freed so there is no reason for special bound. however that may have unwanted effect on regcomp and regexec runtime so this is a conservative change.
2016-01-31better a_sc inline asm constraint on aarch64 and armSzabolcs Nagy-3/+3
"Q" input constraint was used for the written object, instead of "=Q" output constraint. this should not cause problems because "memory" is on the clobber list, but "=Q" better documents the intent and more consistent with the actual asm code. this changes the generated code, because different registers are used, but other than the register names nothing should change.