AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2020-06-02move declaration of interfaces between malloc and ldso to dynlink.hRich Felker-5/+4
2020-06-02reformat clock_adjtime with always-true condition removedRich Felker-48/+46
2020-06-02always use time64 syscall first for clock_adjtimeRich Felker-2/+1
2020-06-02fix broken time64 clock_adjtimeRich Felker-1/+1
2020-06-02fix unbounded heap expansion race in mallocRich Felker-152/+87
2020-06-01suppress unwanted warnings when configuring with clangRich Felker-0/+7
2020-05-22restore lock-skipping for processes that return to single-threaded stateRich Felker-6/+12
2020-05-22cut down size of some libc struct membersRich Felker-3/+3
2020-05-22don't use libc.threads_minus_1 as relaxed atomic for skipping locksRich Felker-3/+3
2020-05-22reorder thread list unlink in pthread_exit after all locksRich Felker-8/+11
2020-05-21fix incorrect SIGSTKFLT on all mips archsRich Felker-3/+3
2020-05-21handle possibility that SIGEMT replaces SIGSTKFLT in strsignalRich Felker-0/+10
2020-05-19fix return value of res_send, res_query on errors from nameserverRich Felker-1/+1
2020-05-19fix handling of errors resolving one of paired A+AAAA queryRich Felker-4/+7
2020-05-18set AD bit in dns queries, suppress for internal useRich Felker-0/+3
2020-04-30fix undefined behavior from signed overflow in strstr and memmemRich Felker-8/+8
2020-04-26remove arm (32-bit) support for vdso clock_gettimeRich Felker-6/+0
2020-04-24fix undefined behavior in wcsto[ld] family functionsRich Felker-4/+2
2020-04-18fix sh fesetround failure to clear old modeRich Felker-0/+2
2020-04-17move __string_read into vsscanf source fileRich Felker-21/+13
2020-04-17remove spurious repeated semicolon in fmemopenRich Felker-1/+1
2020-04-17combine two calls to memset in fmemopenRich Felker-2/+2
2020-04-17fix possible access to uninitialized memory in shgetc (via scanf)Rich Felker-1/+1
2020-04-17fix undefined behavior in scanf coreRich Felker-0/+3
2020-03-24math: add x86_64 remquolAlexander Monakov-0/+32
2020-03-24math: move x87-family fmod functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-44/+38
2020-03-24math: move x87-family remainder functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-50/+42
2020-03-24math: move x87-family rint functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-24/+28
2020-03-24math: move x87-family lrint functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-60/+64
2020-03-24math: move x86_64 (l)lrint(f) functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-20/+32
2020-03-24math: move i386 sqrt to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-21/+15
2020-03-24math: move i386 sqrtf to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-7/+12
2020-03-24math: move trivial x86-family sqrt functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-18/+28
2020-03-24math: move x87-family fabs functions to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-24/+28
2020-03-24math: move x86_64 fabs, fabsf to C with inline asmAlexander Monakov-16/+20
2020-03-21fix parsing offsets after long timezone namesSamuel Holland-5/+5
2020-03-21avoid out-of-bounds read for invalid quoted timezoneSamuel Holland-2/+2
2020-03-20remove redundant condition in memccpyAlexander Monakov-1/+1
2020-03-20ldso: remove redundant switch case for REL_NONEFangrui Song-2/+0
2020-03-14define MAP_SYNC on powerpc/powerpc64Samuel Holland-2/+0
2020-03-14improve strerror speedTimo Teräs-22/+32
2020-03-14fix corrupt sysvipc timestamps on 32-bit archs with old kernelsRich Felker-0/+30
2020-03-14work around negated error code bug on some mips kernelsRich Felker-22/+22
2020-03-14remove useless mips syscall asm constraint, align style with mips64/n32Rich Felker-15/+16
2020-03-14revert mips (32-bit, o32) syscall asm clean-up due to regressionsRich Felker-32/+31
2020-03-14revert mips64/n32 syscall asm clean-up due to regressionsRich Felker-56/+61
2020-03-04remove duplicate definitions of INET[6]_ADDRSTRLENRich Felker-7/+0
2020-02-26add PTHREAD_NULLRich Felker-0/+3
2020-02-22use __socketcall to simplify socket()Rich Felker-5/+5
2020-02-21remove wrap_write helper from vdprintfRich Felker-6/+1