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2011-03-30rename __simple_malloc.c to lite_malloc.c - yes this affects behavior!Rich Felker-46/+0
why does this affect behavior? well, the linker seems to traverse archive files starting from its current position when resolving symbols. since calloc.c comes alphabetically (and thus in sequence in the archive file) between __simple_malloc.c and malloc.c, attempts to resolve the "malloc" symbol for use by calloc.c were pulling in the full malloc.c implementation rather than the __simple_malloc.c implementation. as of now, lite_malloc.c and malloc.c are adjacent in the archive and in the correct order, so malloc.c should never be used to resolve "malloc" unless it's already needed to resolve another symbol ("free" or "realloc").
2011-02-20make malloc(0) return unique pointers rather than NULLRich Felker-1/+1
this change is made with some reluctance, but i think it's for the best. correct programs must handle either behavior, so there is little advantage to having malloc(0) return NULL. and i managed to actually make the malloc code slightly smaller with this change.
2011-02-20fix simple_malloc malloc(0) behavior not to return non-unique pointersRich Felker-0/+1
2011-02-20fix simple_malloc size restrictionsRich Felker-5/+6
do not allow allocations that overflow ptrdiff_t; fix some overflow checks that were not quite right but didn't matter due to address layout implementation.
2011-02-12initial check-in, version 0.5.0v0.5.0Rich Felker-0/+44