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authorRich Felker <>2020-01-15 16:15:49 -0500
committerRich Felker <>2020-01-15 16:15:49 -0500
commit0ff18be20833928064f6eff88e590cea9625f602 (patch)
parent2507e7f5312e79620f6337935d0a6c9045ccba09 (diff)
fix incorrect __hwcap seen in dynamic-linked __set_thread_area
the bug fixed in commit b82cd6c78d812d38c31febba5a9e57dbaa7919c4 was mostly masked on arm because __hwcap was zero at the point of the call from the dynamic linker to __set_thread_area, causing the access to libc.auxv to be skipped and kuser_helper versions of TLS access and atomics to be used instead of the armv6 or v7 versions. however, on kernels with kuser_helper removed for hardening it would crash. since __set_thread_area potentially uses __hwcap, it must be initialized before the function is called. move the AT_HWCAP lookup from stage 3 to stage 2b.
1 files changed, 1 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/ldso/dynlink.c b/ldso/dynlink.c
index a18461e3..afec985a 100644
--- a/ldso/dynlink.c
+++ b/ldso/dynlink.c
@@ -1670,6 +1670,7 @@ void __dls2b(size_t *sp, size_t *auxv)
/* Setup early thread pointer in builtin_tls for ldso/libc itself to
* use during dynamic linking. If possible it will also serve as the
* thread pointer at runtime. */
+ search_vec(auxv, &__hwcap, AT_HWCAP);
libc.auxv = auxv;
libc.tls_size = sizeof builtin_tls;
libc.tls_align = tls_align;
@@ -1704,7 +1705,6 @@ void __dls3(size_t *sp, size_t *auxv)
* global data that may be needed before we can make syscalls. */
__environ = envp;
decode_vec(auxv, aux, AUX_CNT);
- __hwcap = aux[AT_HWCAP];
search_vec(auxv, &__sysinfo, AT_SYSINFO);
__pthread_self()->sysinfo = __sysinfo;
libc.page_size = aux[AT_PAGESZ];