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add new syscall numbers from linux v5.1
syscall numbers are now synced up across targets (starting from 403 the numbers are the same on all targets other than an arch specific offset) IPC syscalls sem*, shm*, msg* got added where they were missing (except for semop: only semtimedop got added), the new semctl, shmctl, msgctl imply IPC_64, see linux commit 0d6040d4681735dfc47565de288525de405a5c99 arch: add split IPC system calls where needed new 64bit time_t syscall variants got added on 32bit targets, see linux commit 48166e6ea47d23984f0b481ca199250e1ce0730a y2038: add 64-bit time_t syscalls to all 32-bit architectures new async io syscalls got added, see linux commit 2b188cc1bb857a9d4701ae59aa7768b5124e262e Add io_uring IO interface linux commit edafccee56ff31678a091ddb7219aba9b28bc3cb io_uring: add support for pre-mapped user IO buffers a new syscall got added that uses the fd of /proc/<pid> as a stable handle for processes: allows sending signals without pid reuse issues, intended to eventually replace rt_sigqueueinfo, kill, tgkill and rt_tgsigqueueinfo, see linux commit 3eb39f47934f9d5a3027fe00d906a45fe3a15fad signal: add pidfd_send_signal() syscall on some targets (arm, m68k, s390x, sh) some previously missing syscall numbers got added as well.
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--- a/arch/or1k/bits/
+++ b/arch/or1k/bits/
@@ -279,4 +279,28 @@
#define __NR_io_pgetevents 292
#define __NR_rseq 293
#define __NR_kexec_file_load 294
+#define __NR_clock_gettime64 403
+#define __NR_clock_settime64 404
+#define __NR_clock_adjtime64 405
+#define __NR_clock_getres_time64 406
+#define __NR_clock_nanosleep_time64 407
+#define __NR_timer_gettime64 408
+#define __NR_timer_settime64 409
+#define __NR_timerfd_gettime64 410
+#define __NR_timerfd_settime64 411
+#define __NR_utimensat_time64 412
+#define __NR_pselect6_time64 413
+#define __NR_ppoll_time64 414
+#define __NR_io_pgetevents_time64 416
+#define __NR_recvmmsg_time64 417
+#define __NR_mq_timedsend_time64 418
+#define __NR_mq_timedreceive_time64 419
+#define __NR_semtimedop_time64 420
+#define __NR_rt_sigtimedwait_time64 421
+#define __NR_futex_time64 422
+#define __NR_sched_rr_get_interval_time64 423
+#define __NR_pidfd_send_signal 424
+#define __NR_io_uring_setup 425
+#define __NR_io_uring_enter 426
+#define __NR_io_uring_register 427