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add riscv64 architecture support
Author: Alex Suykov <> Author: Aric Belsito <> Author: Drew DeVault <> Author: Michael Clark <> Author: Michael Forney <> Author: Stefan O'Rear <> This port has involved the work of many people over several years. I have tried to ensure that everyone with substantial contributions has been credited above; if any omissions are found they will be noted later in an update to the authors/contributors list in the COPYRIGHT file. The version committed here comes from the riscv/riscv-musl repo's commit 3fe7e2c75df78eef42dcdc352a55757729f451e2, with minor changes by me for issues found during final review: - a_ll/a_sc atomics are removed (according to the ISA spec, lr/sc are not safe to use in separate inline asm fragments) - a_cas[_p] is fixed to be a memory barrier - the call from the _start assembly into the C part of crt1/ldso is changed to allow for the possibility that the linker does not place them nearby each other. - DTP_OFFSET is defined correctly so that local-dynamic TLS works - reloc.h LDSO_ARCH logic is simplified and made explicit. - unused, non-functional crti/n asm files are removed. - an empty .sdata section is added to crt1 so that the __global_pointer reference is resolvable. - indentation style errors in some asm files are fixed.
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diff --git a/configure b/configure
index 2123ddce..60e0b1fc 100755
--- a/configure
+++ b/configure
@@ -322,6 +322,7 @@ microblaze*) ARCH=microblaze ;;
or1k*) ARCH=or1k ;;
powerpc64*|ppc64*) ARCH=powerpc64 ;;
powerpc*|ppc*) ARCH=powerpc ;;
+riscv64*) ARCH=riscv64 ;;
sh[1-9bel-]*|sh|superh*) ARCH=sh ;;
s390x*) ARCH=s390x ;;
unknown) fail "$0: unable to detect target arch; try $0 --target=..." ;;
@@ -654,6 +655,11 @@ trycppif __LITTLE_ENDIAN__ "$t" && SUBARCH=${SUBARCH}le
trycppif _SOFT_FLOAT "$t" && fail "$0: error: soft-float not supported on powerpc64"
+if test "$ARCH" = "riscv64" ; then
+trycppif __riscv_float_abi_soft "$t" && SUBARCH=${SUBARCH}-sf
+trycppif __riscv_float_abi_single "$t" && SUBARCH=${SUBARCH}-sp
if test "$ARCH" = "sh" ; then
tryflag CFLAGS_AUTO -Wa,--isa=any
trycppif __BIG_ENDIAN__ "$t" && SUBARCH=${SUBARCH}eb