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build: fix musl-targeting toolchain test
the old test was broken in that it would never fail on a toolchains built without dynamic linking support, leading to the wrapper script possibly being installed on compilers that do not support it. in addition, the new test is portable across compilers: the old test only worked on GCC. the new test works by testing whether the toolchain libc defines __GLIBC__: most non-musl Linux libc's do define this for compatibility even when they are not glibc, so this is a safe bet to check for musl. in addition, the compiler runtime would need to have a somewhat glibc-compatible ABI in the first place, so any non-glibc compatible libc's compiler runtime might not work. it is safer to disable these cases by default and have the user enable the wrappers manually there using --enable-wrapper if they certain it works.
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