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2020-08-05math: new software sqrtfSzabolcs Nagy-70/+70
same method as in sqrt, this was tested on all inputs against an sqrtf instruction. (the only difference found was that x86 sqrtf does not signal the x86 specific input-denormal exception on negative subnormal inputs while the software sqrtf does, this is fine as it was designed for ieee754 exceptions only.) there is known faster method: "Computing Floating-Point Square Roots via Bivariate Polynomial Evaluation" that computes sqrtf directly via pipelined polynomial evaluation which allows more parallelism, but the design does not generalize easily to higher precisions.
2019-10-13math: fix signed int left shift ub in sqrtSzabolcs Nagy-2/+1
Both sqrt and sqrtf shifted the signed exponent as signed int to adjust the bit representation of the result. There are signed right shifts too in the code but those are implementation defined and are expected to compile to arithmetic shift on supported compilers and targets.
2012-03-19code cleanup of named constantsnsz-5/+5
zero, one, two, half are replaced by const literals The policy was to use the f suffix for float consts (1.0f), but don't use suffix for long double consts (these consts can be exactly represented as double).
2012-03-13first commit of the new libm!Rich Felker-0/+84
thanks to the hard work of Szabolcs Nagy (nsz), identifying the best (from correctness and license standpoint) implementations from freebsd and openbsd and cleaning them up! musl should now fully support c99 float and long double math functions, and has near-complete complex math support. tgmath should also work (fully on gcc-compatible compilers, and mostly on any c99 compiler). based largely on commit 0376d44a890fea261506f1fc63833e7a686dca19 from nsz's libm git repo, with some additions (dummy versions of a few missing long double complex functions, etc.) by me. various cleanups still need to be made, including re-adding (if they're correct) some asm functions that were dropped.