AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorLines
2008-01-20minor improvements for subjoined ngaHEADmasterRich Felker-9/+9
2007-11-09omit uuterm-fb so the default makefile is portableRich Felker-3/+4
2007-11-07better/simpler zla stack for tibetan fontRich Felker-18/+18
2007-10-031000l: key table was global var rather than static constRich Felker-1/+1
2007-10-03100l: wrong placement of const created a data segmentRich Felker-1/+1
2007-10-02include the ucf font compiler and the ytty font in uuterm repository,Rich Felker-13/+63411
2007-10-02updated docsRich Felker-8/+11
2007-10-01updates to decomposition data:Rich Felker-102/+90
2007-10-01move generated data to its own fileRich Felker-1260/+1262
2007-09-01lame partial support for input methods that give long input stringsRich Felker-2/+4
2007-08-23minimally working input method support!Rich Felker-1/+5
2007-03-31updated combining table for new charactersRich Felker-8/+18
2007-03-06ligature supportRich Felker-0/+2
2007-02-04somehow i clobbered this info last time i updated the docs..Rich Felker-2/+5
2006-12-09maybe not quite correct, but this fixes some major automargin-relatedRich Felker-2/+13
2006-11-02100l: i had omitted korean from combining table since it wasn'tRich Felker-2/+14
2006-11-02additions to the decomposition table. these are _not_ u**code nfdRich Felker-4/+20
2006-10-30use combining _, not ascii _, for underlineRich Felker-1/+1
2006-10-29100l: forgot to add this with the uucell overhaulRich Felker-0/+167
2006-10-29major internal changes in representation of character cells.Rich Felker-264/+52
2006-10-26no need to check thisRich Felker-2/+0
2006-10-2610l: multiple-free!Rich Felker-1/+3
2006-10-26basic, primitive paste support. it is blatently incorrect for non-utf8Rich Felker-5/+39
2006-10-25stupid omission; still a glitch though..?Rich Felker-0/+1
2006-10-25additional indic notes in readmeRich Felker-1/+5
2006-10-25major changes to input handling in preparation for pasting, which willRich Felker-36/+37
2006-10-23returning in the child process is a very bad idea!Rich Felker-1/+1
2006-10-18hey at least it looks better.. real palette config coming soonRich Felker-10/+14
2006-10-16mistaken line left over from old codeRich Felker-1/+0
2006-10-16don't know if this is a bug somewhere else, but for whatever reason iRich Felker-0/+1
2006-10-15reorder makefile to allow config.mak to add srcs; also use libs from config.makRich Felker-4/+4
2006-10-15remove server-side glyph rendering/cache entirely. client side is justRich Felker-66/+55
2006-10-15revert "performance increase" that actually hurt performance on betterRich Felker-35/+19
2006-10-15large performance increaseRich Felker-19/+35
2006-10-15preliminaries for input method supportRich Felker-2/+13
2006-10-15we have an X port now :)Rich Felker-1/+0
2006-10-14correctly apply combining marks in last column when auto-margins are in use.Rich Felker-0/+1
2006-10-13better now, perhapsRich Felker-1/+4
2006-10-13nonlatin input, attempt 2Rich Felker-2/+2
2006-10-13try to support non-latin input.. does this work?Rich Felker-12/+26
2006-10-13remove margin nonsense i got from reading bad sourceRich Felker-4/+3
2006-10-13updated documentationRich Felker-18/+27
2006-10-13build the x11 target first. this is a courtesy to non-linux users soRich Felker-1/+1
2006-10-13remove the horribly incorrect XImage handling and replace it withRich Felker-21/+16
2006-10-13x11 window resizing supportRich Felker-36/+52
2006-10-12broken backspace; Xlib is stupidRich Felker-0/+1
2006-10-12possibly fix crash on last glyph page?Rich Felker-2/+2
2006-10-12missing prototypesRich Felker-0/+4
2006-10-12missing some objs in "make clean" since x11 was addedRich Felker-1/+1
2006-10-121% less messy/hackishRich Felker-6/+7